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Content driving business and emotions

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By Maija Daujate

(Image by Forbes magazine: Madonna will sing until the year 9328…)

Content has been a buzzword amongst marketers over the last number of years. Buzz quite rapidly raised and turned into the content revolution. Can a start-up boost a business using the content with emotions?

By Marianna Palumbo

By Marianna Palumbo

The main purpose of content is to drive traffic to the company website and ensure conversion. Amongst all content formats, videos give the highest conversion rate and ensure leads or sale. They also boost search engine optimisation for the company website. Therefore content strategy has become central in the digital marketing. Amongst a variety of formats video is the most popular one.

Business and Emotions: Emotions Win

Buzz with content happens in conjunction with brand values. Any brand, product or service contains two contrasting values – rational and emotional, which can be combined in different ratios. An ideal combination of those can provide success to a product. Thus, marketers use either a more rational approach communicating the product with the customer, or a more emotional approach. The rational approach, along with simple educational videos which are quite in demanded, includes some fresh formats, such as infographics which recently became popular in digital marketing.

Currently there is a huge shift towards emotionality in all aspects. Thus, the highest demand in marketing is for formats with an emotional hint. Arguably, it happened after peak recession which caused a demand for strong positive feelings. Now, consumers like never before seek entertainment, laughter, light-heartedness and joy. We can see it in how people share this kind of information on social platforms. Recently, successful content strategy is all about creating a light emotional atmosphere with positive and surprising or funny elements. Even infographics – the new type of rational formats became popular due to their visually and emotional appeal.


Funny infographic from Cmadigital

Temperature of emotions

WARC trend pages , providing trends, research and other very important stuff for marketers, allow us to observe what happens with content and the level of emotion over several years. Year 2011 was a year of the Big Idea when storytelling became the most popular digital marketing method. Nostalgia marketing and interactivity are amongst the main trends represented by WARC in 2012. Nostalgia indicates that consumers feel in some way tired. At the same time, they seek to share their feelings, so social platforms should be the best place for this. Though, the temperature of nostalgia could be very different. For instance, there was a very nice original nostalgic BMW X3 ad with Irish music at the background on YouTube last year, showing a family driving the car in a beautiful Irish countryside. But seems that the temperature of emotions in this ad was too low for social platforms and the video ad unfortunately disappeared from YouTube. At the same time, another non-commercial video made in an amateur format, with a much higher degree of emotion and with nostalgic hint, has been viewed more than 14.5 million times over three years (see below). Thus, more emotions means more customer activity.

Video: World’s most beautiful marriage proposal; 14.5 million views and more that 71 thousand likes.

According to WARC trends 2013, marketing shifts from brands to consumers becoming seriously social. For business marketing – getting social means listening to consumers and getting more emotional, as consumers more likely seek and share just emotional content. Therefore marketers try to emphasize the emotional value of brand and connect this with the emotional factor of consumers. In the result, WOW factor appears as a new marketing trend at the end of 2013. This means that content marketing reaches the peak of emotions.

Video: BMW M5 short movie directed by Guy Ritchie. Starring Madonna; Published on 24th of March 2013; After a year 16786 views and 60 likes.

WOW factor has to become more sophisticated in 2014 in the light of polarisation – the new marketing trend. Thus, contrasts will enhance and emotional versus rational will be stronger. Expensive immersive content will exist along with cheap and quick content, according to WARC.

It is interesting that cheap home video can be shared by audiences much more readily than can the expensive. The video below have viewed more than 689 million times. It is not a new video, but it still works on all digital platforms, and the high-budget videos less likely would have reached that sharing level.

No-budget Video: Charlie bit my finger – again; 688.5 million views and more than 1.2 million likes.

Implications for a small business

The hardest thing for a start-up business could be finding its humorous side. However it may be useful for creating the first digital marketing campaign. Happy and funny video content may help you to engage your audience on the social platforms.

Here is a plan of actins and some suggestions:

    • Think about the rational and emotional values of your product or service.
    • Find your audience on social platforms, watch and listen to it. Try to understand the degree of its sense of humour.
    • Figure out the touch-points between the emotional values of your product or service and emotional factors of your audience. How can the audience be entertained?
    • Start your storytelling: create the story which you will tell your audience. It should be to some degree rational but mainly emotional. Don’t forget nostalgic and WOW factors. Take in account that just about 1% of likes of the emotional content on social platforms could be converted into sale. To get a higher conversion rate you have to produce much more emotional content. Anyway, emotional content which collect a big number of likes boosts your brand awareness in the customer perception even if with no conversion.
    • Use the planning approach: Set a strategic goal for each social platform; Set SMART objectives to reach each goal; Subscribe with Google Analytics to see the impact of your activities on social platforms.
    • Don’t neglect a low-budget video; Use creative approach to reduce costs.
    • Be inspired, go ahead and use your story on social platforms.

Small budget video ad: Tesla: Modern Spaceship; Published 14th of March 2014; On 20th day after publishing 362.4 thousands views and 4326 likes.

Big budget video ad: BMW M5 bullet; Published in June 2012; More than 5.2 million views and 29029 likes.




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